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Joanie Noletto

Joanie Noletto is a Sheffield trained student/teacher. In addition to her early training, she has studied at the American Dance Center in Saratoga Springs, New York. She has also studied at the Dance Center in Pensacola, Florida. She has attended national conventions of Dance Masters of America during the summer. She travels regularly for special teacher training at dance conventions in New Orleans. She is a charter member of the Sheffield Dancers.


For eleven years, Joanie was a performer and choreographer for award winning dance routines in the finals of Showstopper National Talent Competition in Greensboro, North Carolina, Cleveland, Ohio, and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina as well as the Danny Hoctor’s Dance Caravan, USA in New Orleans, Louisiana and Gatlingburg, Tennessee.


Joanie was associated with and choreographer of the Mobile County Junior Miss Program for over ten years. 

Joanie Noletto

 In 1998, she attended the dance workshop and competition in Chicago sponsored by Gus Giordano Jazz Dance School. In 2003, she traveled to Las Vegas for the West Coast Dance Explosion teacher conference and competition and Orlando, Florida for the Joe Tremaine convention. In Mobile, Alabama she attended New York City Dance Alliance, West Coast Dance Explosion and Shock teacher workshops.


The past several summers, she traveled to New York, NY for the New York City Dance Alliance National Finale, Orlando, FL for Tremaine National Finals and Las Vegas, NV for West Coast Dance Explosion Final Showdown for master training. Currently she is also employed with Family Practice Associates of Mobile as an office manager/insurance clerk.

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